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Indian Incentive Program
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Ms. Pamela L. Monroe
Program Manager

The Indian Incentive Program (IIP) is a Congressionally-sponsored program that provides a 5 percent rebate to a prime contractor on the total amount subcontracted to an Indian-Owned Economic Enterprise or Indian Organization in accordance with DFARS Clause 252.226-7001. Through the generation of subcontracts, the IIP serves as an economic multiplier for Native American communities. DoD prime contractors with a subcontract worth $500,000 or more that contains the DFARS clause are eligible for incentive payments. Information courtesy of DoD Office of Small Business


For Native American businesses, two requirements must be met in order to participate in the IIP:

  1. 51% Native American/Alaskan/Hawaiian Ownership
    • Indian ownership of the subcontractor or supplier cannot constitute less than 51 percent of the enterprise.
    • DFARS 252.226-7001

  2. Federally Recognized Tribal Enrollment
    • Native American: The subcontractor or supplier must be owned by a federally recognized tribe or a member of a federally recognized tribe.
    • Native Alaskan: The subcontractor or supplier must be owned by a "native," "native village" or "native group" (including corporations organized by Kenai, Juneau, Sitka, and Kodiak) as defined by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.
    • Native Hawaiian: The subcontractor or supplier must be owned by a recognized Native Hawaiian as defined by 25 USC 4221(9).

For more information, please visit the Indian Incentive Program webpage under the Department of Defense Office of Small Business Programs, or contact the Army OSBP Front Desk at 703-697-2868.

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